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Theoretical Framework

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Theoretical Framework




Style Guide

For the Informatics Specializations, we determined there would be five section: Overview, Academic Programs, Associations, Journals, Tools & Resources. In the case that we could not currently find content for one of these sections, we decided to include the section heading followed by a statement soliciting contributions.


The purpose of this Informatics wiki is to be a resource/communication tool for students and professionals in the field. The following is an explaination of wiki's and our theoretical framework for creating the Informatics Wiki. By this we mean we will explain the idea we had in mind for the project, and why a wiki fulfills this achievement. As stated above, this Informatics Wiki is an information resource about Informatics.



Wikis are about collaboration space, providing a place to make contributions of information and knowledge. The wiki should collaboratively engage others with expertise on Informatics, and facilitate an easy way for each person to contribute to the wiki. We want this wiki to be a tool to collect and cross-reference information on Informatics.


Democratic Contribution

Every user of the Informatics Wiki is considered to have an equal opportunity to make a contribution to the site. Although this seems to be a risky way of managing data, past experience has shown that little damage is done to wiki content even without security mechanisms (Leuf and Cunningham, 2001).




We want to facilitate interactive exchange of information on Informatics, with multi-user edits of the same content (Leuf and Cunningham, 2001). The point of interactive exchange in our wiki is to collaborate on content about Informatics, by editing the same documents, closely emulating a real verbal discussion about Informatics (Leuf and Cunningham, 2001). The interactive sharing model put forth by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham in The Wiki Way, is illustrated below.


Image: Interactive Sharing Model

(Leuf, Cunningham, 2001)


It is a simplistic way of demonstrating how the original content on Informatics is available at all times, always in its most updated version. It shows "actual editing access to the data repository" (Leuf and Cunningham, 2001).

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