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Independent Study: Informatics Wiki Proposal


Grace Lau, Monique Escamilla, David Lee, Jill Detrick, Alessandra Brophy


Project Scope and Individual Contributions

Our independent study project will consist of the following main components: design of an informatics wiki, usability testing of the wiki, and development of a user manual. Work will be divided in the following manner:


  • Monique Escamilla: Write initial proposal, design of usability study, usability study implementation
  • Grace Lau: Initial design of wiki, wiki content research, usability implementation
  • Alessandra Brophy: wiki content research, usability study implementation, lead on user manual
  • Jill Detrick: wiki content research, research of wiki marketing, usability study implementation
  • David Lee: wiki content research, research of wiki marketing, project management reports
  • All: production of user manual


Our wiki will be housed at a free online wiki provider, http://uclainformatics.pbwiki.com/. We will concentrate on current UCLA IS students, professors, and faculty as our user group for this resource. Research will be conducted to populate the wiki’s content. Content will be categorized into the following tentative groups:


  • Discussion of challenges to attempts to define “informatics”
  • Conferences
  • Journals
  • Academic Programs
  • Research in the field
  • Job opportunities
  • Key players (interviews)
  • Occupational outlook
  • Listings of informatics list serves, resources


We will also develop an online user manual which will be linked from the wiki. The primary purpose of this resource will be to provide users with guidance and information regarding our wiki. The manual will also highlight our rationale supporting research, development and the usability design process. The manual will contain a metrics report based on user statistics garnered from Google Analytics.


The wiki usability study will consist of three distinct methods and iterations of testing:


  • Observational heuristic usability study at Information Study Technology Workshop (summer requirement for incoming students) and summer school with incoming first-years.
  • User statistic compilation and analysis provided by Google Analytics
  • Survey developed by the group and distributed to IS students


Goals & Objectives


Our project aims to realize the following goals:


  • To provide the IS community with an informatics resource in the form of a wiki
  • To explore different informatics communities, resources, and opportunities
  • To engage/encourage participation from the UCLA IS community (IS faculty, students, staff, librarians, alumni) in the realization of an informatics community
  • To publicize the work, accomplishments and research of the UCLA informatics community so that our program can rise in influence and relevance


Our project has the following objectives:


  • Evaluation of wiki resource through surveys, usability studies, etc.
  • The group would like to learn:
    1. How to build a wiki
    2. How to construct ontologies
    3. How to develop and conduct usability studies
    4. How to market wikis
    5. How to build community


Timeline (dates are tentative)


  • Our first official group meeting occurred on 6/28/06 from 4:30 – 5:30 pm
  • The group will meet every two weeks to discuss project progress and deliverables
  • The first iteration of the wiki with populated content is set for July 12th
  • The second iteration will be scheduled for August 9th
  • The first usability test will be performed the week of August 16th
  • Changes to the wiki based on this test will occur by August 30th
  • User manual will be delivered by September 13th




  • Informatics wiki
  • Bi-weekly status reports to Professor Blanchette including a project management outline of tasks completed
  • Wiki user resource manual

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