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Marketing Approach

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Marketing Approach

Poster ideas

Community Building


Proposed approach:

  • Invite and engage as many professionals in the project.
  • Communicate with and encourage professionals to make contributions/edits, and offer any expertise
  • Promote the Wiki at Information Studies student association meetings
  • Think of unique ways people can contribute their unique expertise (Ling, et.al, 2005)
  • Setting specific goals for some people on how much content to contribute (Ling, et.al, 2005)
  • Facilitate a feeling or sense that individual contributions will not duplicate what others are able to provide. (Ling, et.al, 2005)
  • Facilitate a feeling that individual contributions are needed to accomplish the Informatics Wiki Goal (Ling, et.al, 2005)
  • Reach out to thought-leaders, and give them a little "shoulder tap" for specified contributions (Chawner and Lewis, 2006)
  • Have a list of "wanted pages" to identify unique need
  • Build community: (Chu, interview, 8/1/2006)
  • get a commited group, or a critical mass (Chu, interview, 8/1/2006)
  • have a live chat once a month (Chu, interview, 8/1/2006)
  • combine both the wiki with a blog feature for online disucssion (Chu, interview, 8/1/2006)
  • hold journal group meetings or online interviews in chat rooms, or make availalbe as a podcast (Chu, interview, 8/1/2006)
  • interview people, like on LIS Radio, and archive audio/web-cast (Chu, interview, 8/1/2006)


Sample email:


To informaticians and information professionals:


We would like to announce the UCLA Informatics Wiki, created this summer of 2006 by students from the UCLA School of Information Studies. This is an information resource to inform students and professionals about Informatics. It is also a repository for places that one might go for more information. Please feel free to make a contribution from your expertise on Informatics. Make a contribution by visiting and registering at the UCLA Informatics Wiki.

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