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July 12, 2006

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  • 5:30pm at Management Cafe
  • Attendees: Jill, Alessandra, Grace, Monique


  • Marketing for Wikis (Jill)
  • News updates from informatics literature (Jill)
  • Updates on content additions since last meeting
  • Possible submission to LITA conference




  • Researched and added content for Journals section including UCLA holdings, recommendations from ASIS&T, AMIA recommendations, Human Computer Interaction, and general informatics-related journals
  • Researched and added content for Academic Programs. The content reflects graduate, doctoral, post-doctoral and fellowship opportunities. There is no content for the undergraduate level students. Information Architectue and Knowledge Management are grouped together. MFA programs were not included because they are not applicable to informatics.
  • Added links for medical informatics programs (this is just a preliminary list)
  • Added links for journals relating to informatics, medical informatics, information architecture and knowledge management.




  • Research and add content for Informatics classes at UCLA and Informatics specializaiton at UCLA. The rationale I used to choose classes was based on the definition of informatics from our department web site.
  • Re-wrote and submitted final proposal
  • Research articles for theoretical framework
  • Began usability study




  • Researched 'wikitology' and sustainment of usage: successful wikis that stem from good design, good mantinance of content, and many contributors (i.e. Wikipedia)
  • Proposed a marketing approach to promote the wiki: Get as many informatics professionals/professors involved as possible to contribute to our wiki. Group suggestion: include Leah Lievrouw in on this because of her background and expertise: social and cultural aspects of communication/information technologies
  • Proposed having news alerts included in wiki and added content to internships page




  • Researched and organized the initial setup of the wiki. Added administrative pages such as meeting minutes and group proposal. Began seeding the Occupational Outlook page and Upcoming Conferences page.


Jill's idea to have news alerts aggregated from RSS-capable sites, for example New York Times Science and Technology updates, and inserted into the homepage

Grace: Grace researching RSS feed functionality

Jill: Follow-up on content: possible RSS feeds that can be added to the site

Monique: Usability study design/How to post who's taken informatics classes--social networking

Everyone: continue with content and read articles from STS wiki

Everyone: put up definitions of informatics based on STS research and other research

David: send out bi-weekly report

Jill: putting up a page for internships with social networking functionality

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