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Job Resources

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Job Titles and Descriptions

General Information

One way to answer the question "What is informatics?" might be to look at some of the job titles and descriptions within the field. Instead of listing actual jobs or actual companies, we've provided a list of keywords to help you search for jobs in an informatics-related field. If you come across other keywords or pertinent job sites, feel free to add to this list.


Information Architecture

Information Engineer

May provide unique information systems analysis, design, documentation, and implementation assistance on problems, which require in-depth, state-of-the-art knowledge of a specialized information engineering discipline for effective implementation.


Data Engineer

May be responsible for managing all aspects of architecture and design of the technology infrastructure, focusing on service, and framework design and development.


Data Architect

Responsibilities may include developing the data architecture blueprint for the data warehouse which will include defining logical and physical data definitions; designing and mapping of information from operational systems to the data warehouse and modeling the data warehouse star schema, maintaining data models and administering a metadata repository. May work closely with business leaders to develop an understanding of business strategies and develop the overall information management landscape for the organization for operational and analytic information.


Knowledge Engineer

May work closely with our internal clients to translate business rules and practices into functional requirements for large or small, media-rich, web-based projects. Also may merge various disciplines such as UI Design, Development, Usability, Strategy, Business Analysis, Systems Integration, and Information Science, and may be responsible for executing the information structure and user experience of a project.


Knowledge Architect

May formulate and define user-driven web processes and design user interfaces based on knowledge of user motives, e-commerce business processes and technical considerations; may document the user interactivity flows and architecture; and may develop prototypes for business and technical teams.


Senior User Researcher

May work across e-commerce and support websites to improve the customer experience. Use a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and drive action based on findings. Identify and monitor critical customer metrics. Work closely with Web analytics, design, marketing, and engineering to create innovative solutions to

user problems. Drive best practices based on emerging UI principles and

research/analytics integration.


Interaction Architect

May work closely with design and usability professionals to provide highly structured user experience flows. In simple terms this facilitates getting from point A to point B, but Interaction Architects are also responsible for optimizing the experience of the user's journey, as well as the psychological aspects to layout and interface controls. Interaction Architects also work with information organization.


Content Strategist

Responsibilities may be competitive site analysis and benchmarking in content breadth, organization and presentation; creating development plans for web content; recommending content types and organization based on user needs and marketing goals, identifying content gaps; presenting content strategy deliverables to clients; selecting and evaluating content; maintaining site content inventory; defining research requirements for web strategy; developing content models for CMS implementations (defining elements and classification schemes).


Knowledge Management Analyst

Repsonsiblities may be to provide a knowledge management needs assessment of the global research, development and engineering oganization and recommend a knowledge capture and sharing process, taking into account the organization’s culture; create an implementation strategy for knowledge capture; implement a knowledge management system and promote its use via appropriate knowledge sharing tools, such as virtual teams, communities of practice, storytelling, coaching, learning discussions, etc; collaborate with IT department on implementation of system; apprise management of key developments and resources needed to accomplish knowledge management objectives.


Taxonomy Researcher

May be responsible for the maintenance and development of a business-oriented taxonomy,

extensive research of various industries, careful organization and continual upkeep of the system, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the categorization system; keeping up-to-date on business/industry news and happenings; ensuring our large collection of industry categories reflect the latest developments in the outside world.


Human Factors Engineer

May focus on creating simple, appealing, and extensible user interface designs in the Hospital Systems product suite through user-centered design practices. These practices include setting standards for design development, serving as user advocates throughout the product development lifecycle, driving the User Interface (UI) design phase, participating in cross-product UI reviews, and performing usability tests.


Search Analyst

May focus on Search Engine Optimization for a given site, gathering site metrics using applications like Omniture's Web Analytics product, WebTrends, Urchin, Google Analytics, etc. The search analyst may use these products to research popular content on pages, trends in search terms queried upon by users, and to determine new ways to define metadata.


User Experience Designer

Responsibilities may include to employ a user-centered methodology to create a functional vision and documented artifacts to meet the needs of both product users and developers; Design product functionality, navigation flows, site architecture plans, wireframes, user interface design, and functional specifications for the presentation layer; Coordinate regularly with teammates on the creative team to ensure product remains true to the user experience design throughout the product development life cycle.


Wisdom Engineer

Responsibilities may include designing rich internet mapping applications that set the industry standard for innovation, ease-of-use and flexibility. Also may be responsible for researching, designing and prototyping new user experiences, creating design mockups and producing visual designs. Desired candidate is a practical-minded perfectionist who has the creative skills to grasp & simplify complex business processes through the creation of extremely intuitive user interfaces, and must be a natural collaborator who prefers to develop designs in a team environment.


Wisdom Architect

Possible Responsibilities: Conduct end user needs assessment and task analysis using appropriate techniques. Conduct business needs assessment. Perform heuristic site evaluations and competitive site analysis. Create and revise information architecture documents including but not limited to; site maps, user profiles, user scenarios, use cases, wireframes, content matrices, flow diagrams/process maps, and detailed functional requirements/specifications. Design information structure and navigation flows for internet, extranet, and intranet sites as well as other online applications.


Wisdom Choreographer

May help formulate the navigation, functionality, organizational structure, page-to-page flow and design of websites and corresponding permission-based e-mail programs. Projects may be a blend of website enhancements, redesigns and development. Primary responsibilities may include working to determine functionality and navigation solutions for the website; creating wireframes and developing categorization, nomenclature and site maps; creating or assisting in prototype development; participating in research efforts to create and conduct usability tests; and supporting the lead designer on selected graphic design assignments as required.



Library Informatics


Metadata Librarian:

Jobs in library informatics may be responsible for organizing access to information resources using emerging and traditional metadata schema, developing workflows for metadata projects, and performing original and complex copy cataloging using appropriate cataloging standards.


Systems Librarian

This position may provide leadership in the creation, implementation and assessment of digital library/archives projects and programs, and assists with the development and maintenance of the library/archives website.


Digital Services Librarian

Responsibilities may include: providing leadership to and coordination of,

participation in the creation of digital collections of text, images, audio, and video;providing expertise on digitization and adherence to metadata standards, creation and implementation of training materials, providing training for digital management systems and oversight of usability studies related to digital projects.


Web Services Project Manager

Major responsibilities may include the collection of customer requirements and transformation of those requirements into static and dynamic Web sites, multimedia applications, and online databases, along with developing supporting data architectures.


Medical Informatics

Project Manager-Medical Informatics

Responsibilities may be to lead complex system integrations in our Medical Informatics division. Positions such as these offer the chance get on the ground floor of promising new initiatives. May also be responsible for managing projects aimed at integrating recently acquired data from healthcare company merges; developing project plans and tactics focused on successful data integrations, documenting all data in the new system; identifying and contacting appropriate internal personnel with knowledge and access to needed data sets.


Clinical Analyst: Nursing Informatics

This position, likely to be part of an EMR and Clinical Documentation team, could be responsible for coordination and performance of analysis, design, development, and some QA testing, validation and implementation of documentation screens used by clinicians performing bedside patient care. The candidate for a position like this should enjoy interacting with clinicians and programmers, and enjoys designing data entry screens and reports used by clinical administrators and bedside clinicians.


Health Informatics Consultant

A Health Informatics Consultant supports the strategy of partnering with accounts through a consultative process that offers customized and actionable findings and recommendations in an effort to influence better outcomes for members. As a core participant in the consultative process, this position plays a vital role in analyzing and linking compelling financial, actuarial, clinical, care management and wellness information to provide the basis for account recommendations. In addition, the Consultant will be integral in developing the future strategy of Health Informatics based on emerging marketplace demands.


Health Informatics Analyst

Responsibilites may include, performing functional and /or technical analytical tasks as part of a project team supporting large healthcare IM/IT programs. Support business development activities through assisting on proposal efforts and attending meetings with current or potential federal clients. May include project management (planning, staffing, budgeting, etc.) activities. Primary duties are to assist in the development and documentation of project deliverables for informatics related projects.


Director of Informatics

A director of informatics serves as the administrative leader, provides clinical and technical system expertise required to support the organizations strategic planning for an integrated electronic health record. Works closely with key members of the medical staff, patient care, ambulatory, diagnostics and information services and other department leadership teams to identify system requirements and establish the priorities that drive the development of the clinical information systems strategy. Evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of existing clinical information systems and plans for future system modifications required to meet the changing needs of the patients, care providers and the organization.


Integrated Informatics Analyst

Assist in the construction of clinical databases and analytic toolkits (e.g. macro-driven programs that fulfill multiple needs) to augment the analysis of specific diseases, medical conditions and/or utilization cost models.


Healthcare Informatics Advisor

A Healthcare Informatics Advisor can work with healthcare consulting teams, bringing a background in development of or systems integration for healthcare information systems. This role will be instrumental in securing new and add-on business primarily for Hospital Systems products with a strong emphasis on CPR. This is a comprehensive computer-based patient record system deployed throughout acute care facilities and ambulatory clinics and is often implemented in conjunction with departmental systems for Lab and Radiology.


Project Manager: Public Health Informatics

May be responsible for providing high-level project management support in the development of public health info systems possibly designed to detect & manage pandemic diseases such as influenza & other large-scale public health events.


Nurse Informaticist

A nurse informaticist mayb be responsible for evaluation/selection, implementation, maintenance, performance, production support and documentation of various departmental and enterprise wide clinical systems. This role may utilize experience in project management lifecycles including inception, planning, execution, management and close-out. It will also use skills pertaining to project management processes such as risk management, quality control, change and issue management.


Director, Nursing Informatics

This position may be the person who coordinates the development, delivery, and evaluation of clinical systems; works with customers to define project objectives and manages priorities within the project and agreed upon timelines and provides on going user education and support; provides vision and direction for computer systems, process design, data management and related processes.


Director Nursing Information Systems

The Director of Nursing Information Systems may work in collaboration with the IT department to develop and execute division-wide strategies that leverages innovative technology to advance the efficiency and accuracy of nursing practice and patient care and meets regulatory and professional practice standards. This position may also advise nursing administrators and lead nurses on future trends and technologies which would advance professional nursing practice.


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Jobs in the search engine marketing industry.


Usability Professionals' Association

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