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Contributing to this Wiki

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 6 months ago

Informatics Wiki Style Guide



Adding content...


If you want to add a link to a journal, organization or resource, you must provide a brief description of the web site's purpose or relevancy. To add value to this wiki, you may summarize the website's mission and purpose, but do not copy and paste all content from the original website. We do not want this wiki to become a marketing tool.


Changing content...


We changed each other's content without discussion. This worked for four members, because we could always revert to previous versions under the Revisions sections. This protocal may not work for larger groups. Here is what we suggest for large groups: Before making a change to someone else's content, one must post a comment with the intended edits. Provide a brief explanation of the potential revision. The original author has two weeks to respond to the comment. If the author doesn't respond within the allotted timeframe, the revision can be added to the page. Of course, all correspondence should be done in a respectful and considerate manner.




Remember to delete pages that are obsolete. Deleting a page from the side bar does not eliminate the actual page.




Because our server space was limited and did not support PHP/mySQL, we opted to use PBWiki. Though free and easy-to-use, it has limited navigation capability. The right side bar is the main navigation. We used a table of contents format to provide additional navigation and organization within the page. For an example, see Related Disciplines.



To remove pages...


Only wiki administrators can delete pages. Please contact one of the administrators on the Contributors page.



What to do when there is no content for a section...


In the case that we could not currently find content for one of these sections, we decided to include the section heading followed by a statement soliciting contributions.


The site map must be manually updated any time a new page is added. We encourage users to find a way to automate this procedure.

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