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April 4, 2006

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April 4, 2006


Four of us met today to discuss an informatics independent study this summer with Professor Blanchette. We could use a couple more people to join in on this in order to make a truly effective site.

So far we would like to design an informatics web site/web site addition that offers:


  1. Informatics jobs: We're not sure if this will be a link to sites with jobs or database-driven. Database-driven would be ideal, but we are not sure if we have the people-power/resources to sustain this.
  2. Informatics research: links to articles, sites, etc.
  3. Professional associations: links associations, upcoming events


As a group we would like to develop both web design/programming skills, and we would like to perform a student usability study during various stages of the process. We would also like to learn about informatics content (jobs, research, opportunities, etc.)


Let me know if you are interested, because we will be meeting with Professor Blanchette soon.




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